SPRING NEWS - Spring has sprung! It has now, hasn't it...?


I'm looking forward to, as well as some sunshine and warmth, lots of pretty marvellous plans and projects this Spring. Here are are some:

 - I'm working with Verity Standen on her new show, Undersong. It will open as part of Mayfest on 11th May. There'll be opportunities to see the show in three different locations during the festival too! Check it out: http://mayfestbristol.co.uk/shows/undersong-at-chapterhouse-bristol-cathedral

- I plan to make good use of my Leverhulme Scholarship (https://bristololdvic.org.uk/press/the-2018-leverhulme-scholarship-recipients-announced)  to take my new performance project, We Are Constellations, forward. Images below are from studio research in the Autumn. By Zoe Manders. At Studio Wayne McGregor. With Natalie Corne, Laura Dannequin, Helka Kaski, Camille Marchadour and Tilly Webber.

- And there's also this... 


Sutton House, London. Exhibition running throughout the summer. Wednesday - Sunday 12.00pm- 5.00pm 

The exhibition will reveal objects from the eclectic archive at London College of Fashion, UAL which includes 1930s orthopaedic footwear, silk slippers from the 1800s and even a shoe made for a sheep. Artists Linda Brothwell, Laila Diallo, Eelko Moorer and Ellen Sampson have produced work inspired by the selected shoes, revealing new interpretations of aged objects which form a trail through the historic east London property. https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/sutton-house-and-breakers-yard/features/london-college-of-fashion-presents-footnotes-intimate-stories-of-shoes-at-sutton-house

So there... Spring has sprung, The grass has rid, I wonder where the birdie is
They say the bird is on the wing, But that's absurd, The wing is on the bird
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See y'all out there somewhere along the way. x

the image of the world can be different

This was already a month ago! Presenting HUSK at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge. A work commissioned by Candoco and performed by Kathleen Hawkins and Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot. 

The image of the world can be different.

Let us just hold on to that.







Making work with Candoco

I'm chuffed to be working with two Candoco Dance Company performers, Kathleen Hawkins and Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot, to create a duet for the reopening of Kettle's Yard in Cambridge. We will show the work on Saturday 17 March. One in a series of live interventions that day, we will move in the new and old spaces of the gallery, among/alongside the works brought together for ACTIONS, the image of the world can be different. 

Honoured and excited to be making in such great company. 

Source: http://www.kettlesyard.co.uk/events/action...

REVIEW - In This Moment at Cardiff Dance Festival

'... resonates with a sense of presence and immediacy, of being in the here and now and experiencing something sublime but also connected to history, the past and how we can rethink our relationship to the world.' - Alex Wren, Buzz Magazine


We Are Constellations

I was joined this October by a wonderful group of artists: Natalie Corne, Laura Dannequin, Helka Kaski, Zoe Manders, Camille Marchadour and Tilly Webber. Together we begun on a performance research process. My invitation to them was to meet, to meet and to pay attention to the questions and opportunities that arose out of the specificity of this/these encounter/s. 

I approached it thinking that it will be okay to delve into the unknown. In fact I sort of see it as my my job to do so.

I approached it with a keen sense that we never start from a blank page. Even when we wish to. 

I approached it with trepidation.

I approached with fear. It’s always a part of it. 

I approached it with Solnit under my arm and Ezra Furman in my walkman (so to speak).

I approached it pondering how it all fits into our broken world.

This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England. With additional support from Studio Wayne McGregor through the FreeSpace programme.

This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England. With additional support from Studio Wayne McGregor through the FreeSpace programme.

Photo: Camille Marchadour, by Zoe Manders

Photo: Camille Marchadour, by Zoe Manders